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Workshop in which children work together to choose and create props for Maddy and the Invisible Band of Groovers.
Members of the Invisible Flash team with children from the Joseph Clarke School, showing off their artwork.



Invisible flash runs exciting drama workshops for young people with diverse abilities.


We can design a workshop to suit any school or college.






"I think it is a really good show. I think the Invisible Groovers are mysterious. The best part of the project for me was when we were in the studio recording our voices and also making the props".

Mustafa Age 10


"The Primary pupils at  Joseph Clarke School  have been part of a very special project. Working with the team that have put together the show has been such a valuable experience opportunity for pupils to experience the process of creating a show and having some ownership. For them to have been involved of every aspect of "Maddy and the Invisible Groovers" has been an amazing opportunity. Pupils enjoyed the workshops with Alex where they helped to create the story. To be able to work with a puppeteer and make the props in the workshop was a unique experience that has inspired our pupils. To actually spend time in the recording studio and have their work used in the performance made the pupils feel valued and proud of all what they had achieved. The project has covered many areas of our curriculum and allowed for all pupils to be involved at many levels Alex is a great role model for our pupils and the project has helped us build a wonderful partnership! And of course we have all loved meeting her beautiful guide dog Zeus!"

Samantha Steinke-Sanderson

Head of Primary, Joseph Clarke School


‘Zinc Arts has been really pleased to work with Invisible Flash through the Enhance Programme. Being able to support this new company to develop new and exciting theatre performances that are accessible to an wider audience, has been a rewarding experience. Invisible Flash prove that theatre can be successfully adapted to engage audiences with visual impairments through a bold exploration of senses. We are looking forward catching up with ‘Maddy, and working with Invisible Flash in the future.’

Zinc Arts





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